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gazette / правительственный бюллетень, правительственная газета, газета официальная
имя существительное
правительственный бюллетень
правительственная газета
газета официальная
имя существительное
(used in the names of periodicals) a journal or newspaper.
the official publication of a government organization or institution, listing appointments and other public notices.
It was submitted that examination of this translation of the official gazette supplemented the views which he advanced.
announce or publish in an official gazette.
He also announced that he gazetted a set of norms and standards last week for educators, which he described as a ‘developmental’ rather than a policing exercise.
The nurse didn't even raise an eyebrow, continuing to read from her silly ladies' romance gazette .
A special police team was sent to the government press to ensure that the official gazette notification removing the ministers was issued.
When the commission receives the application, it places a notice in the government gazette and in a newspaper circulated in the respective area.
However, these changes would only come into effect after the Bill is passed and an announcement made in the official gazette .
Taiwan saw the publication of its first official gazette in 1896 during the Japanese colonial era.
The official gazette notification that parliament was dissolved was finally released at midnight.
To give some credit to Dr Cullen, he did finally gazette those changes, which have at least required farmland to be publicly advertised for sale in New Zealand before it is flogged off overseas - never mind how small the advertisement is.
a sporting gazette
Thanks for the journal and gazette , and a space to rant.
Neither he nor his father can be impressed by the fact that the paper's front page has latterly become a low-rent gazette chronicling the marital travails of minor celebrities.