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gazelle / газель
имя существительное
gazelle, springbok
имя существительное
a small slender antelope that typically has curved horns and a yellowish-brown coat with white underparts, found in open country in Africa and Asia.
Add up all the lions, elephants, warthogs, giraffes, gazelles , zebras, impalas, topis and hyenas that live on these plains and they fail to outnumber the gnus.
As a leader, your job is to read the tea leaves, set a direction, and move like a gazelle , not an elephant, into the future.
The gestation period was five months, a timetable shared by the slender-horned gazelle , blackbuck antelope, and pygmy goat.
True to her style, even in those movements she was more a wild gazelle than a stampeding rhinoceros.
In all fairness, his preoccupation with glancing around this way and that like an insecure gazelle in an open savanna for his pursuers was justifiable given that he still had not quite yet deciphered where he had ended up.
Every morning in Africa, a gazelle gets up in the morning and starts running, knowing that that very day it has to outrun some lion that is waiting to prey on it.
In a terrestrial context this scenario might be likened to gazelles , wildebeests, and lions gathering around a watering hole.
These guys are happy to tell you where they found gazelles or vice versa.
In the next two hours, we came across many black buffalo, herds of zebra and numerous gazelles .
Our catalogue lists 2,318 specimens: wild pigs, deer, cattle, gazelles , sheep and goats, rhinos, bears and other carnivores, primates, and even some marsupials.
Such pets weren't limited to dogs and cats but included baboons, monkeys, and gazelles .