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gay / гей
fun, joyful
  • gay couple - веселая пара
  • gay lifestyle - гомосексуальный образ
  • gay guys - голубые парни
  • young gay - молодой гей
имя прилагательное
(of a person, especially a man) homosexual.
that friend of yours, is he gay?
lighthearted and carefree.
Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face
foolish, stupid, or unimpressive.
making students wait for the light is kind of a gay rule
имя существительное
a homosexual, especially a man.
Some even try to hide their homosexuality by badmouthing gays and lesbians generally.
He's always been gay , so nothing's different except for the fact that she knows he is.
He keeps the energy level high and the actors gay and carefree in a successful attempt to create a pleasurable musical.
Not only does he identify a set of interests and behaviors he says can be used to tell whether a man is gay , he ties homosexuality to transsexualism.
I've always written about the gay experience as part of the continuum of the world.
The city has a vibrant gay scene, and many of the pubs and clubs have a mixed clientele.
His panic at the thought of legalized gay marriage has always struck me as absurd.
However, in September 2000, he was spotted in a gay bar in Washington, DC.
Being gay isn't always easy but it does have its good points.
The picture was all the more poignant for me because of the stark contrast offered by the youngsters' skeletal bodies and the gay colours and rich decoration of their mothers' dresses.
I have always been gay and it has always been normal to me but I knew at a very early age that it wasn't normal out in the real world.