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gawp / глазеть, уставиться, смотреть, раскрыв рот
stare, gape, gawp, rubberneck, yawp, rubber
смотреть, раскрыв рот
stare openly in a stupid or rude manner.
what are you gawping at ?
Outside the sun was shining and so I wandered off to Bath Place to gawp at the quaint little shops and to watch people.
We ship him over to Norway and watch as they decorate him with lights and gawp at him for a month or so, then in early January they can chuck him on a fire.
The house was knocked down years ago, but ghoulish coach tours still pull up in the street to gawp at the spot.
While you chomp sardines and gawp at a view that is surely more impressive than your living room, the kids are right in front of you, feet away on the sand.
We have so many tourist attractions that we had to put some underground to keep them secret, but still they flock to gawp at Gaping Gill.
We all watch the same TV shows, gawp at the same handful of celebrities, hanker after the same soft furnishings and hardwood floors.
How was I supposed to know we were going to end up at the centre of a crowd of gawpers ?
Don't get your hopes up because you don't get to see much from your free low-level passage, just a few ruminants, some birds and a lot of homo sapiens wandering around gawping at animals you can't see.
Tentatively, I ventured out, then realised that half the neighbourhood was standing around gawping .
I found myself glued to the spot, gawping at a specially commissioned video installation.