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gauze / марля, газ, металлическая сетка
имя существительное
gauze, cheesecloth
gas, gauze, gossamer
металлическая сетка
имя прилагательное
gas, gaseous, gauze, fiery, dampy
имя существительное
a thin translucent fabric of silk, linen, or cotton.
In their methods and approach, they use a range of materials that includes sand, printed fabric, mud, gauze and textured whites.
a very fine wire mesh.
I have created a lot of beautiful windows with cotton bubble gauze .
His paintings are loose and washy figurative dreamscapes that make the viewer feel as if there's a thick gauze on the surface of the painting and a story book world floating behind it.
She came to him, heart fluttering beneath the thin gauze that stretched across her ample breasts.
Wash your eye with tepid water, using a clean piece of cotton wool or gauze for each wipe.
Perhaps the chiffon is not yet entirely gone from the sky - there is a light gauze of haze yet in the distance.
Alternatively, you could use a silk gauze for the top layer, which is so airy it will turn out lighter in any event.
Medicated gauze , alcohol cotton balls or dermatitis plasters are also necessary.
Women cover their clothes with the traditional black cloak, which goes over the head, and wear a veil of thin black gauze over the face.
January has wrapped the worn-out city in a cold gauze of wood smoke and exhaust fumes.
ulcers were bandaged with antiseptic gauze