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gauntlet / рукавица, латная рукавица, рукавица с крагами
имя существительное
mitten, gauntlet, gantlet, muffle, muffler
латная рукавица
gauntlet, gantlet
рукавица с крагами
gantlet, gauntlet
имя существительное
a stout glove with a long loose wrist.
He wore a skin tight black muscle shirt, thick black jean pants, and gauntlets with open fingers.
go through an intimidating or dangerous crowd, place, or experience in order to reach a goal.
they had to run the gauntlet of television cameras
undergo the military punishment of receiving blows while running between two rows of men with sticks.
The gauntlet on the glove was to cover up the aluminum, so it wouldn't heat up in the light.
In other words, the most successful stabilization force is one that wears both the mailed gauntlet and the velvet glove.
they had to run the gauntlet of television cameras
she had to run the gauntlet of male autograph seekers
He dropped his swords and pummelled the paladin's helm with his armoured gauntlets , knocking him backwards and disorientating him for a second.
A calcium ion has to run the gauntlet of many, many molecules before it reaches a binding site.
They're made of goatskin, with extra-long gauntlets for up-to-the-elbow protection.
This, it emerges, is reached by running the gauntlet alongside the entrance for the police vans and what look like the service entries for the dustbins and the meter readers.
Her leather gauntlets were always a part of her attire, as falcon handling was one of her favorite hobbies.
He had cold, dead eyes and wore a long, thick coat and had black gauntlets on his hands.