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gateway / шлюз, ворота, вход
имя существительное
gateway, lock, sluice, gate, floodgate, hatch
goal, gate, gateway, portal, entry, port
entry, entrance, inlet, login, admission, gateway
имя существительное
an opening that can be closed by a gate.
we turned into a gateway leading to a small cottage
About a mile down the road, on the right, you'll come to an imposing brick gateway with wrought-iron gates.
After the gateway , there are two such openings where the wall hits the sand.
Two towers were built across the world from each other and were apparently the gateway to another world.
At the same time, French ports, the gateway to the world under the Ancien Régime, were steadily undermined.
to me a home in the country was a gateway to happiness
a big house with a wrought-iron gateway
Bergen, a charming port city, is the gateway to the country's most impressive fjords.
The gateway frames part of the curving balustrade, helping to point the way to the front door.
But it was like a gateway , and when you opened the door, not only good things came through, but so do bad things.
New buildings line the west edge of West Street; a new public square on West Street marks the gateway to the financial district.