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gatekeeper / привратник, сторож
имя существительное
gatekeeper, porter, doorkeeper, doorman, janitor, gateman
guard, watch, keeper, caretaker, janitor, gatekeeper
имя существительное
an attendant at a gate who is employed to control who goes through it.
To use it, the gateman had to lower the gates while he left the tower.
The gatekeeper was sitting in a chair, fast asleep.
The guard nodded to the old gatekeeper , who set to work hefting the chains that would raise the small portcullis that now blocked the way out into the city.
Her mother arrived at her side just as the gatekeeper swung the large wrought-iron gates into place.
The gatekeeper nodded, and admitted them through the gate.
Hidden in the shadows of the gate tower, the gatekeeper pushed the huge gate open.
Four uniformed guards stood outside a small gatekeeper 's hut to the left of the road a few yards from the entrance to the fortress.
The gatekeeper will control whether family members speak openly and will also be the one who decides if the family returns for future sessions.
According to school staff, the gatekeeper was 51 and had been employed at the nursery on a temporary basis over the past two years.
A first gatekeeper, controlling the first router, and a second gatekeeper , controlling the second router, together mediate the process of setting up the call.
When the litigant eventually asks the gatekeeper why no one else has sought admission, the gatekeeper provides an explanation.