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gatehouse / сторожка у ворот
имя существительное
сторожка у ворот
gatehouse, lodge
имя существительное
a house or enclosure near a gateway.
The house was built as one of the gatehouses to the estate.
The carriage rattled gently past the gatehouse , its wheels grating on the rocky path into the courtyard.
We saw him at the gatehouse , putting things in a bag and taking them out again, still talking to himself; waiting, perhaps, for divine intervention.
At his death both the house and the gatehouse were bought for the Abbey.
The ornamented gatehouse , garden, and royal tennis court further enhanced this favourite seat of the Scottish monarchs.
The lower floor also connects the house to a gatehouse through a small courtyard.
The gunports in the south and east walls of the structure adjoining the later gatehouse suggest a late fifteen century date.
Its most outstanding feature is the Turret House, built as a gatehouse and hunting tower and constructed in the French style, possibly due to Mary's influence.
Walking home, I pass the gothic ruin of a Georgian gatehouse with several chimneys and boarded up windows.
Outside the gatehouse , hundreds of supporters, most of them local residents, gathered for a look.
They dashed through the gates as the guard ducked back into the gatehouse for shelter, peering through the grayness.