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gated / воротами
имя существительное
a residential area with roads that have gates to control the movement of traffic and people into and out of the area.
confine (a student) to school or college.
he was gated for the rest of term
Turn right then left along the adjoining gated path to reach the B road again.
A dimension where everyone lives in climate controlled gated estates and they don't like lost midwestern lunatics.
Is there a hidden agenda here to have the area gated and restricted to residents only so they can control it as an extension of their property?
The City adopted a security access restrictions policy in 2003 that demanded gated communities apply to have their boom gates legalised based on a set of stringent criteria.
To contribute to this atmosphere there will be food vendors, a gated area to prevent the crawlers and walkers from diving into the duck pond, and volunteers on hand to watch the exit and keep an eye out for scraped knees.
The streets of New York are full of people from all walks, races, creeds, colors; they are the antithesis of a gated sprawling suburban development.
Lately, the gated property has become a free-for-all, with animals and children hanging out on the site.
Expect to pay maintenance fees, which include care of the lawns, grounds, pools, pest control and gate attendant if the property is in a gated community.
And then you turn off the main road, and are in another, private world of gated compounds ringed by eroding mud-brick walls.
We start with a gated road tarmac warm up to find a steep climb up the west flank of the valley.