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gatecrash / проникнуть на внешний рынок, проходить без билета, приходить незваным
проникнуть на внешний рынок
проходить без билета
приходить незваным
enter (a party or other gathering) without an invitation or ticket.
the photographer gatecrashed the 2000 wedding in New York
Detectives also now believe the men had first attended an earlier party nearby and intended to gatecrash the function in the scout hut.
2004 is a big year, stepping up to play with the big boys on a level playing field, no longer the young whipper snapper who got to gatecrash the elite party.
You can gatecrash other actors' parties over here, which you'd never do in London.
‘No problem’ I said, ‘I've got a few things to do, then maybe I could gatecrash your party later on?’
They asked him to drive to Portman Square, near Oxford Street, intending to gatecrash a party but they made off without paying, the jury heard.
He must also demonstrate the merger is more beneficial than succumbing to someone trying to gatecrash the party.
When teams from outside the elite gatecrash the party the favoured clubs pick apart their squads to ensure no repetition.
The angelic party gatecrashed their night watch and the angels invited them to join the revelry.
The celebrities won, not because of any right to privacy or abuse of an image right, rather because the wedding was seen as a private occasion which was gatecrashed by people who later acted in breach of a duty of confidence.
I got the distinct impression that I was pretty much gatecrashing my own birthday party.