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gate / ворота, затвор, калитка
имя существительное
goal, gate, gateway, portal, entry, port
gate, shutter, bolt, seal, lock, plug
gate, wicket
имя существительное
a hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge.
Andrew drove up to the front gate; the gate was closed, but there was a check-in station.
the number of people who pay to enter a sports facility, exhibition hall, etc., for any one event.
gate receipts
a device resembling a gate in structure or function, in particular.
This strongly favors the hypothesis that the packing deficiencies detected in membrane gates might be functionally important.
an electric circuit with an output that depends on the combination of several inputs.
a logic gate
confine (a student) to school or college.
he was gated for the rest of term
in nouns denoting an actual or alleged scandal, especially one involving a cover-up.
Our gate money has gone into lawyers' pockets rather than into the development of the game.
The flight was cancelled and the aircraft returned to the gate .
an average home gate of more than 12,000
a logic gate
Sports drew most of their revenue from gate money, but tended to set admission prices well below what the market could bear.
He said that the householders got home to find the side gate and patio door open.
The last shortlisted hopefuls will discover their fate at the airport departure gate .
Most airlines allow cell phone use when a plane is on the ground or at an airport gate .
she went out through the gate
I'm convinced that film has a soul, and for me it's the jiggle in the [projector] gate .