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gassy / болтливый, газообразный, хвастливый
имя прилагательное
talkative, chatty, garrulous, gossipy, gassy, loquacious
gaseous, gasiform, aeriform, gassy, aerial
boastful, braggart, vainglorious, quackish, ostentatious, gassy
имя прилагательное
of, like, or full of gas.
the carbonated water has a gassy, soda-pop character
(of people or language) inclined to be verbose.
a long and gassy book
(of people) flatulent.
I was gassy when I got home, and actually woke up halfway through the night pretty sick.
The result is a gassy , weak beer with plenty of critics.
They are also less gassy than normal lagers and much cheaper.
Yesterday we even drove all they way up to take the ferry to Mackinac Island, where we took a carriage ride on the world's most gassy horse.
Up to now astronomers have only been able to detect vast gassy planets the size of Jupiter or larger by measuring the way their gravity tugs on their parent stars and makes them ‘wobble’.
Memory is a treacherous place, a bog that can drag you down into its gassy depths and play tricks on you.
To the dismay of the already frazzled travellers, the aircraft was diverted to Gatwick after reports on board of a gassy odour.
In places, especially when the subject is art or religion, the language can get vague and gassy , but just plow through these patches.
A greasy, gassy but much happier little fellow has resulted.
Around 8: 00 or so I felt really bloated and gassy - it felt like my intestines were in knots.
If soy or other legumes make you gassy and give you cramps find something else, don't pop digestive aids like candy.