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gasometer / газометр, газохранилище, газовый счетчик
имя существительное
gas-holder, gasometer
газовый счетчик
gas meter, gasometer
имя существительное
a tank for storing and measuring gas.
The expired gas was measured in a wet gasometer .
In 1998 it was roundly condemned for giving a B-listing to the 100-year-old, 300 ft-high Granton gasometer on Edinburgh's seafront.
The design takes its cue from redundant gasometer and gantry structures adjoining the site.
However, powers superior to me concluded that our very own gasometer did not qualify for preservation and celebration as the best of Britain's gas-holding heritage.
What could be better than, instead of tearing down its one remaining - and in aesthetic terms, extremely attractive - gasometer , to keep it, and supplement its worth by bringing other fine examples from across the UK to join it?
The expired gas was measured in a wet gasometer .