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gasman / газовщик, газопроводчик, инкассатор по счетам за газ
имя существительное
gasman, gas-fitter
инкассатор по счетам за газ
имя существительное
a person who installs or services gas appliances or reads gas meters.
In another scene a troupe of prospective gasmen were led up a mountain through the driving rain to an isolated farmhouse.
He has made sure his equipment is ready and has replaced the rear tire changer, gasman and catch can man on the pit crew.
He was dressed as a gasman , the type of person people tend to forget.
They always fail to mention that she attacked the gasman with a shovel.
A Bingley gasman has beaten 5,000 others from around the country to scoop the title of British Gas engineer of the year.
She will, when ninety-five and expecting the gasman , get horribly nervous in case the boiler blows up.
He plays all sorts of different characters from a manager to a doctor and a gasman - it's great fun.
Brown's father was a gasman with a great passion for natural gas.
The pit crew practices with the same intensity it shows during races, but it has a new jack man and gasman going over the wall and it still must mesh better during pit stops.
Police are warning residents to be on their guard after a caller posing as a gasman tried to con his way into a woman's home.
A council-contracted gasman downed tools and left the house when he found a syringe behind the fireplace he was repairing.