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gaslight / газовое освещение, газовая лампа
имя существительное
газовое освещение
газовая лампа
имя существительное
a type of lamp in which an incandescent mantle is heated by a jet of burning gas.
Street gaslights add their glow to the swimming moonshine and are reflected in the siren's diamond coronet and huge dark eyes that know the secrets of the deep.
manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.
in the first episode, Karen Valentine is being gaslighted by her husband
The first public gas company in the world was set up in London in 1812, and Westminster Bridge was the first public thoroughfare to be illuminated by gaslight .
Turning on the gaslight , hoping that he wouldn't notice the tatty furniture and peeling brown wallpaper, she stepped into his arms, tilting her head so that he had no choice but to bring his lips down onto hers.
Members of Britain's Bowler family, enacting a Victorian lifestyle for PBS's ‘The 1900 House,’ have to read by gaslight and boil their laundry.
He professed to be hurt and affronted by suggestions that he was just trying to gaslight a competitor's customers.
The color was particularly brilliant beneath the gaslight of the theater.
‘Van Gogh mentioned in his letters that his paintings looked different in daylight and gaslight ,’ said Bluhm.
He had no memory of the incidents. 'I thought she was trying to gaslight me.'
in the gaslight she looked paler than ever
Inside the main room, there is an ornate gaslight in each corner.
As late as the early 1900s, older houses with gaslight were still being retrofitted for electricity.