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gash / глубокая рана, разрез, запил
имя существительное
глубокая рана
gash, slash
section, cutting, cut, incision, slit, gash
имя прилагательное
мрачного вида
discerning, penetrating, shrewd, astute, perspicacious, gash
attractive, appealing, engaging, inviting, lovable, gash
наносить глубокую рану
имя существительное
a long deep slash, cut, or wound.
a bad gash in one leg became infected
the vulva.
make a gash in; cut deeply.
the jagged edges gashed their fingers
In turn, that dent opened into a gash , as the jet gained altitude.
The vandal cut a four-inch-deep gash all the way around the trunk - 27 feet in circumference.
the blast ripped a 25-foot gash in the hull
The youngster was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary where he underwent a skin graft on a deep gash to his ankle.
It was only when he was home that he realised he was bleeding from a deep gash to the head and called an ambulance.
As it is, he wound up with a deep gash on his arm, four broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
One drinker suffered a suspected heart attack and another was hit in the face with a piece of glass, causing a deep gash .
He wanted detailed pictures of the famous gash in her hull.
There was a bite mark on his arm and a deep gash on his forehead.
the blast ripped a 25-foot gash in the hull