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gas-fired / газовые
имя прилагательное
using a combustible gas as its fuel.
gas-fired central heating
Heating in all houses is gas-fired , and allowances for kitchen, tiling, feature fireplaces, and sanitary ware is included.
Athy Town Council tenants can look forward to having gas-fired central heating systems installed in their homes within the next few years.
The station will be gas-fired from an offshore field and will be the first combined-cycle power station in southern Africa.
It is estimated that the gas-fired plant will reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere in Southampton by 85,000 tonnes a year.
Otherwise, the hardest choice aboard a stationery houseboat is what next to throw on the gas-fired barbie for breakfast, lunch or dinner and what to drink with it.
Despite the longer period of time needed to construct gas-fired plants, PLN is determined to employ gas as a major source of energy in the future.
The properties have gas-fired central heating with a normal gas boiler, radiator and thermostat system.
The development of wind farms will be encouraged and two gas-fired electricity generation plants are to be commissioned this year.
Throughout, National Grid has stuck to its position that the new line was needed to ensure security of supply when new gas-fired power stations came on stream.
The work to replace ageing solid fuel central heating with gas-fired systems will cost £1m.