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gas / газ, газы, бензин
имя существительное
gas, gauze, gossamer
gas, winds
petrol, gasoline, benzine, gas, essence, gasolene
имя прилагательное
gas, gaseous, gauze, fiery, dampy
наполнять газом
inflate, gas
выделять газ
насыщать газом
имя существительное
an airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity.
hot balls of gas that become stars
a person or thing that is entertaining or amusing.
the party would be a gas
kill or harm by exposure to poisonous gas.
But it's only at the end of the film that we learn what appears to have really happened: it is he himself who killed his mother, gassing her whilst apparently suffering from a delusion that she is another person.
fill the tank of (an engine or motor vehicle) with gasoline.
after gassing up the car, he went into the restaurant
talk, especially excessively, idly, or boastfully.
I thought you'd never stop gassing
hot balls of gas that become stars
He compared being so short of hand towels to running out of anaesthetic gas during an operation.
In this patient you do see gas in the distal bowel.
Make time to pick up food on the way out of town or when you stop to gas up.
I ordered my friend to step on the gas
He made a specialty of chemical and gas warfare and minefields and his war caused a million deaths.
According to radio reports military police used pepper gas spray to overpower him, but that could not be officially confirmed.
Supine and upright abdominal radiographs with stepladder pattern of air-fluid levels and no colonic gas are suggestive of obstruction.
Furthermore, the availability of a major source of gas in south-west Wales could potentially attract other industries which need gas as a fuel.
Notably, the peritoneal cavity was dry and was not distended with gas .