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garter / подвязка
имя существительное
garter, suspender, supporter, elastic
надевать подвязку
пожаловать орден Подвязки
имя существительное
a band worn around the leg to keep up a stocking or sock.
Suave and a touch oily, the magician, all in black with a red-lined cape and red cummerbund, passes his hoop around a young woman in a black corset, garters and stockings who levitates within a shaft of light.
she leaned back, showing the garter on her thigh
A wireless transmitter is strapped in a garter to my inner thigh and a video rig is micro-contained inside horn-rimmed glasses.
She turned to see him standing there looking quite dashing in a tuxedo with a blue garter over the vest and some medals on the left side of the lapel.
The Knights and Ladies of the Garter were dressed in dark blue velvet robes adorned with the garter , star and collar, red velvet hoods, worn on the right shoulder, and black velvet bonnets topped with swaying ostrich plumes.
Do not wear stretch socks, nylon socks, socks with an elastic band or garter at the top, or socks with inside seams.
The tall blonde lifted her skirts to reveal a small pistol fitted to her garter .
I'm also wearing a blue garter around my left thigh.
No lights, no water, but, strangely, on Bourbon Street, a generator churned noisily to life and a model of a woman's leg, gartered and fishnetted, began to swing back and forth from above the entrance to the club.
It seems most unlikely, therefore, that he would have chosen not to include the Garter had he been entitled to it when the plates were commissioned, and its absence is perhaps explained by the length of time it took to complete them.
Calamity promises the patrons of the Garter that she will personally bring Miss Adams back from Chicago to South Dakota.