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garrotte / гаррота, казнь гарротой, удушение с целью грабежа
имя существительное
garrotte, garotte
казнь гарротой
garotte, garrotte
удушение с целью грабежа
garotte, garrotte
удушить при ограблении
garotte, garrotte
Why on earth should a serious villain entrust his money to a preposterous amateur, who has no aptitude for the task, and furthermore no training in the firearm and garrotte which are going to be the tools of his trade?
She had been strangled with a garrotte made from a stick and cord and her skull was fractured.
Then I was looping my arms around his neck, trying to use the bar between the manacles as a garrotte .
He admits that she is equally adept at manipulating him to her cause as she is in the art of archery or the garrotte .
A kite-flyer later managed virtually to garrotte me as I strolled along the beach.
They also had a Tommy gun - and he had a garrotte or ‘cheese cutter’, a more silent way of killing.
Each and every one of them is as adept with the longbow and the broadsword by day as he is with the dirk and the garrotte in the dead of night.
But there was no blood as a practical matter because the garrote was already tightened around her neck, stopping the flow of blood from her heart to her brain when she was struck on the head.
The parents of his wife have been found garrotted in their isolated cabin near Buffalo, NY.
The mystery of how Britain's leading expert on him came to be lying garrotted to death on his own bed may have been solved by the author's greatest creation, Sherlock Holmes.