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garrison / гарнизон
имя существительное
garrison, post
ставить гарнизон
вводить войска
назначать на гарнизонную службу
имя существительное
the troops stationed in a fortress or town to defend it.
The garrisons - native troops commanded by British officers - held out and were relieved after a week of day and night assaults.
provide (a place) with a body of troops.
troops are garrisoned in the various territories
After the conquest, the fort was probably reused as a garrison for Roman troops.
On the spur of the moment they decided to capture the Rock which was then badly defended by a small garrison of sixty Spanish soldiers.
Henry agreed to garrison the towns only until 20 May, but told him to commit nothing to paper.
He only had a small garrison defending London at this time.
A narrow stretch of water was all that separated the Japanese invaders and the 14,000 British, Indian, and Canadian garrison troops left to defend the Crown Colony.
By 0400 hours, the last shots were fired against the garrison and our regiments had withdrawn behind Shiyane Hill.
Therefore, I chose the second course of action to stay and defend the garrison .
As he approaches the British garrison , troops rush out to greet him.
The delay enabled the Japanese garrison of 19,000 troops to construct the most formidable beach defences, a way through which had to be cleared by underwater demolition teams.
For the officers of the tiny garrison stationed at Camp Sheridan, the situation was akin to sitting on a powder keg.