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garnish / гарнир, отделка, украшение
имя существительное
garnish, side dish, trimmings, relish, dressing, garniture
finishing, finish, trim, furnish, trimming, garnish
decoration, ornament, adornment, dressing, ornamentation, garnish
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, embellish
trim, finish, decorate, polish, work, garnish
имя существительное
a decoration or embellishment for something, especially food.
More than a mere embellishment, the garnish should be considered an ingredient in the drink.
decorate or embellish (something, especially food).
salad garnished with an orange slice
serve with a garnishment.
As you read from my title I am being garnished .
However, the pomegranate halves shown are a colorful, edible garnish .
In England we would skip the paprika and garnish the sandwich with ‘mustard and cress’ which is impossible to buy in America.
In a pinch, you can use the curly parsley, but otherwise, save it for garnish .
During the winter months the tradition is to garnish the dish with mint leaves and in the summer time with green coriander leaves.
Stuffed with a rice filling and baked, they make a handsome, delectable garnish around a holiday bird or roast.
In the pastry kitchen, I carefully brushed at least a thousand leaves and flower petals with egg white and rolled them in sugar to garnish various dessert plates.
Put some pizzazz in your Bloody Marys with a shrimp and scallion garnish .
Servers give patrons a 16-oz. glass filled with ice, a shot of vodka and a celery stick garnish which they then take to the Bloody Mary bar to embellish.
Thick bracelets of sweet-and-sour sautéed Spanish onion garnish the meat.
First, he cuts off the top of the cone, usually featuring a hard-boiled egg and some chilies in a type of garnish , and places it on a serving plate.