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garnet / гранат, темно-красный цвет, гитов-тали
имя существительное
garnet, pomegranate
темно-красный цвет
garnet, murrey
имя существительное
a precious stone consisting of a deep red vitreous silicate mineral.
Those little red garnets you see in stores are usually pyrope garnets and green garnets are usually grossularite/grossular.
That the Fe-Mg equilibrium between garnet and clinopyroxene records high temperatures, indicates that early elemental compositions were preserved through the lower temperature part of the P-T-t path.
Another garnet, a mixture of pyrope and spessartine, is called malaya garnet in the gem trade.
Early attempts applying the Sm-Nd isotope system to garnet and clinopyroxene were encouraging and often yielded dates considered as representing near-peak P-T conditions.
a garnet ring
Coexisting MI phases in these rocks include garnet , plagioclase, quartz, tourmaline and fluorite.
At the B-Q claims, beryl occurs with dark red garnet , smoky quartz, and black tourmaline in miarolitic cavities in a granite pegmatite dykes that cuts across the foliation of a high-grade metamorphic gneiss.
He also found particles of gemstones such as corundum, garnet , rutile, and argentite.
Most have some collectible minerals such as beryl, garnet , and schorl, and a few have lithium minerals.
Think of semi-precious stones such as garnets , topaz, amethyst, aquamarine as much for their range of hues as for the way they hold the light, infusing it with shimmering color.
In my next installment of News from Japan, I will be reporting on them as well as on a visit to Kyushu University to see the Ko collection and field trips to collect sakura ishi and rainbow garnets .