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garner / амбар, житница
имя существительное
barn, granary, storehouse, warehouse, grange, garner
granary, breadbasket, garner
store up, store, stock up, reserve, garner, hoard
складывать в амбар
ссыпать зерно в амбар
имя существительное
a storehouse; a granary.
The upper floor also contains garners for storing unmalted and malted grain.
gather or collect (something, especially information or approval).
the police struggled to garner sufficient evidence
The prosecutor's office chose to ignore the fact that both of them used the equipment to garner information that by any stretch of the imagination is of great public interest in fighting corruption.
However, at the very least, one can garner background information of what might have influenced the empiricists through the doctrine of skepsis.
Some palm readers might go through a client's purse or have an accomplice do so, in order to garner information about the client.
The movie does have its moments, and will most likely garner some critical praise just for being what it is.
the police struggled to garner sufficient evidence
However, whether the title will garner the approval of North American gamers remains to be seen.
To garner evidence of anti-social behaviour, the council undertakes covert surveillance.
In addition to a long list of professional associations, meetings have been held with the Minnesota Department of Health and the Mayo Clinic to share information and garner support.
To enter the ring though, he needed to garner the approval of the country's Constitutional Court in order to begin what will be the battle of all election battles.
Their identity is known, but the public has been urged to come forward and help the authorities garner enough evidence to persuade local magistrates to impose tough anti-social behaviour orders upon them.