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gargle / полоскание, выпивка, спиртное
имя существительное
rinsing, rinse, gargle, washing
binge, booze, libation, wet, souse, gargle
tincture, sauce, gargle, boose
полоскать горло
gargle, gurgle
rinse, gargle, rinse out
rinse, rinse out, gargle, give a rinse
имя существительное
an act or instance or the sound of gargling.
a swig and gargle of mouthwash
wash one's mouth and throat with a liquid kept in motion by exhaling through it.
instruct patients to gargle with warm water
Darius opened and closed his mouth several times, but the only noise that came out was a shocked gargle .
It was an important healing agent - the aspirin of its day - and was particularly useful as a rinse or gargle when mixed with water and vinegar.
Take honey on its own or make a gargle by mixing two tablespoons of set honey with four tablespoons of cider vinegar and a pinch of salt.
The muted, standard exhaust is now more of a burbling gargle with undertones of thunder.
instruct patients to gargle with warm water
As you know, he used to gargle with hot water before he gave a speech or went on television.
The sound coming from the other end of the line was such a gargle of noise that she wasn't sure if Dominic was growling or groaning in exasperation.
Still, it's better than the salt-water gargle many people recommend for sore throats.
a swig and gargle of mouthwash
This can be used to gargle , rinse the mouth, or take internally to treat sore throats and toothache.