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gargantuan / гигантский, колоссальный
имя прилагательное
giant, gigantic, huge, mammoth, jumbo, gargantuan
colossal, titanic, gargantuan, monumental, super-duper
имя прилагательное
a gargantuan appetite
From her gargantuan handbag, she produced five paper plates and a jar of Marmite.
Critics say Napa Valley has an ego, but what it really has is a gargantuan appetite for life.
As befits a man with a gargantuan appetite, he chose the menu himself.
A whole new sector with a gargantuan appetite for power was emerging.
This is a gargantuan pub with a vast forecourt and car park in front, a real restaurant and lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in.
These days the manufacturer bears little resemblance to the gargantuan outfit it once was.
He's at the center of a gargantuan deal that will determine how old and new media companies will evolve.
Being skinny, I have never had to worry about the side effects of such a gargantuan appetite.
They long for gargantuan TVs, pool tables and funky barka loungers to keep them happy.
On the plus side, while the menu was pretty limited, it was reasonably priced and the quantities were gargantuan .