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garfish / сарган
имя существительное
имя существительное
any of a number of long, slender fish with elongated beaklike jaws containing sharply pointed teeth.
Moray eels, garfish and trumpetfish were roaming and snapping at a plethora of potential prey.
Conger to over 50 lb, pollack, bass, rays, sole, plaice, bream, mullet, garfish , wrasse, tope, cod and probably a few others I've forgotten.
The cottages have windows in the floors that reveal a rich parade of marine life: bonefish, jacks, garfish and whip morays.
These are almost identical to UK garfish , but have teeth and are much bigger, and they leap high in the air during the fight.
You will also catch plenty of mackerel and garfish in summer.
There's clear evidence that they are taking a terrible toll on species like king george whiting and garfish .
Mullet, garfish or herring seem to be the preferred bait.
There are garfish , tailor and bream around the headland whereas off shore the odd snapper or dolphin fish is being picked up.
If you've time to spare, a day fishing above the bridge with fly gear picks out some huge garfish which are keen to take any type of streamer fly with silver or white in it.
The garfish are extremely long fish, reaching around a metre in length, yet weighing only three pounds.
One Saturday lunchtime, garfish , gemfish, jewfish, skate, salmon and tuna are on the list.