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gardening / садоводство
имя существительное
gardening, horticulture, garden tillage, fruit-growing, nursery-garden
имя существительное
the activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime.
You can tell a judge is popular when an usher at his court fashions a humorous painting of him enjoying his favourite pastime of gardening .
After retirement, she developed her love of gardening .
gardening tool
His love of animals preceded his love of gardening , and he says a good gardener is automatically a naturalist.
gardening gloves
You can even benefit from time spent doing routine aerobic activities such as gardening or housework.
She and her husband Dave, 65, shared a love of organic gardening .
In retirement he added a love of gardening to his sporting interests.
If you're into the more subversive, wacky side of vegetable gardening then you will love this book.
Linda described him as a wonderful man who loved football and gardening .
Alison too, remembers her mother's love of gardening and flowers.