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gardener / садовник, садовод, огородник
имя существительное
gardener, horticulturist, grower, fruiter, fruit-grower
имя существительное
a person who tends and cultivates a garden as a pastime or for a living.
cultivars grown by amateur gardeners
An accomplished woodsman, hunter, arborist, and gardener , he was also a highly skilled archer and sharpshooter.
What does this mean for an aspiring fuchsia gardener who wants to grow some in a hanging basket?
She credits her eye for natural beauty largely to her mother, an artist avid gardener who passed along her affection for wild flora and fauna.
a topiary gardener
Depending on the season, the gardener cultivates such crops as tomatoes, beans, and bitter eggplant in these beds.
As any gardener will tell you, a primary objective when cultivating the light soil which occurs at this location is to increase its water-retaining properties.
We are very lucky at this time in history that there is so much information available to the home gardener concerning the cultivation and use of medicinal herbs.
They are easy to set up and come in a wide enough variety to satisfy the needs of the amateur and experienced gardener alike.
Looking back over this year's seasons and examining triumphs and failures are essential for the garden, and gardener , to grow and develop.
Legend has it that during this time he was responsible for inventing that amateur gardener 's lifesaver, the grow-bag.