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garble / искажение, подтасовка
имя существительное
distortion, misrepresentation, corruption, perversion, deformation, garble
manipulation, garble
искажать факты
palter with facts, gerrymander, jerrymander, garble
mix up, mull, garble, jumble
entangle, mix up, garble, mull
reproduce (a message, sound, or transmission) in a confused and distorted way.
the connection was awful and kept garbling his voice
имя существительное
a garbled account or transmission.
Repeated attempts to contact the Sol System have been met only with static and nonsensical garbles .
That wonderful pattern-matching ability I've mentioned elsewhere comes into being and forces us to turn garble into sense, any sense, even if it's nonsense.
Why I was rambling a spew of unintelligible garble , I had not a clue.
It may have been Shakespeare fatigue, but the scene between Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet, played as a strung-out Eastender with Blade Runner hair, was for significant periods pure garble , to be endured rather than enjoyed.
At first, she thought that her voice had come out in an unintelligible garble , but she finally realized that the reason for their mirth was coming from behind her, out the window.
upon winning a race a driver spews out a litany of commercial garble
most readers assumed the word was a typographical garble
His widely mocked garble about him taking his ‘high horse’ on the ‘low road’ is actually, with a bit of untangling, a pretty good image.
Language is employed as a formative element of the rhythm and music, but all a garble of German phrases, English sentence fragments, hissing, and hiccuping.
The about section of her web site is full of fanciful garble about her consulting work.
DataCore, to be sure, doles out the same virtualization garble as every other vendor, promising a management heaven full of automation and abstracted disk.