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garb / наряд, одеяние, костюм
имя существительное
attire, garb, finery, detail, livery, police
apparel, garment, robe, dress, garb, raiment
suit, costume, garb, ensemble, toilet, toilette
dress, wear, clothe, tog, clad, garb
vest, invest, enrobe, garb, array, robe
имя существительное
clothing or dress, especially of a distinctive or special kind.
the black and brown garb of a Franciscan friar
a sheaf of wheat.
Traditionally, the garb of wheat represents both farming and hospitality.
dress in distinctive clothes.
she was garbed in Indian shawls
Traditional male Catalan garb includes the distinctive barretina, a sock-shaped, red woolen hat that can be seen at festivals.
We'll be dressed in medieval garb (like many of the people at Mass).
At the end of the tunnel stood a man dressed in leather garb with a sling of arrows on his back.
We're having a 70's party, and they want the leadership team to dress in 70's garb .
He was dressed in prison garb of striped shirt, blue sweatshirt and blue jeans turned up at the bottom.
He'll be given the standard prison garb , the uniform, which is basically a denim shirt, blue jeans and some boots.
We're told the song is from a 1950 movie, so why the costume department dressed her in 1920s garb is beyond me.
The women, however, don anything from '50s pastel prom dresses to time-honoured vixen garb of garters and corsets.
He in particular is singled out in the painting by his broad brimmed hat, distinctive garb , and masterful gesture.
kids in combat garb