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gaping / зевать, зиять, глазеть
yawn, gape
gape, yawn, dehisce
stare, gape, gawp, rubberneck, yawp, rubber
имя прилагательное
(of a hole, wound, etc.) wide open.
there was a gaping hole in the wall
stare with one's mouth open wide, typically in amazement or wonder.
they gaped at her as if she were an alien
Ransby acknowledges to readers the gaping hole in her work.
Enter Currie whose craft on the left wing opened up gaping wounds in the home defence.
Their indignation is revealing, for it exposes a gaping hole in their original argument.
This award will serve the purpose of filling two gaping holes in the higher education landscape.
A broad smile dribbled down from the bottom of his gaping lips.
The family circle is left with a ragged, gaping tear.
The residents echoed that there were gaping potholes on the roads.
The central defining social fact of our world is gaping global inequality.
Called the Mouth of Truth, this carved face with gaping maw is a sort of primitive lie detector.
Still ahead, a gaping hole opened up in a passenger plane during an Alaska Airlines flight 26,000 feet in the air.