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gape / зевок, зияние, зевота
имя существительное
hiatus, dehiscence, gape
yawn, gapes, gape, oscitancy
yawn, gape
gape, yawn, dehisce
stare, gape, gawp, rubberneck, yawp, rubber
имя существительное
a wide opening or breach.
a gape of the jaws
stare with one's mouth open wide, typically in amazement or wonder.
they gaped at her as if she were an alien
In breeding plumage, yellow gape and chestnut face and neck.
Zander mouths have a smaller gape than pike, so although large fish are almost exclusively piscivorous, they take much smaller prey than a pike of similar size.
a gape of the jaws
The birds' large gape and manoeuvrable flight help them to catch their prey.
For those few seconds, my mouth was dropped in a gape and I stayed calm except for my heavy nervous breathing.
The gape coincides with the base of the first frustum, the top of the last frustum is situated well behind the bulging oesophagus.
His face relaxes, his eyes squint, his jaw drops, and he suddenly becomes the everyman, a guy with an open-mouthed gape trying to figure out the world.
Daniel's mouth fell open in a gape of astonishment.
The large gape looks ideal for hawking insects in mid-air, but paradoxically, the birds take most of their prey from the ground or from a branch.
She was holding a champagne glass, the liquid half gone, and was grasping the doorframe, her mouth in a permanent gape .