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ganja / марихуана
имя существительное
marijuana, marihuana, fu, pot, weed, ganja
имя существительное
They also use ganja in their religious rites.
I made several friends based on our common love of the ganja .
But even if it is over between you and the girl, at least it's over between you and the ganja .
Most likely they'd rather he gave them some of those Tupac records mentioned a while back, and a pipeful of the ganja .
At other times, the vocalists describe their love for ganja with the use of an extended conceit, as Julia does in ‘Spinach Song.’
Now I'm the guy saying that if the ubertalented quarterback plays to his potential - and if he steers clear of ganja and girls - the Hokies will be in the Rose Bowl national title game.
So some of the guys are into the ganja and were worried that Arizona might be short on it that week, so they decide to bring some along.
They also use ganja in their religious rites.
A boss describes how ganja relieves work-related stress, and we see the retreat in all its bush-pushing glory.
School bored him, and he wanted nice clothes, so he turned to the street, selling ganja for extra money.
I've got my amp, my guitar, a place to live, my BMX bike, and then I've got my ganja .