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gangway / мостки, сходня, проход
имя существительное
gangway, pathway, brow
gangway, gangplank, ramp, gang board
pass, passage, aisle, passageway, gangway, access
имя существительное
a raised platform or walkway providing a passage.
As they dig amid the rubble, recovery workers are uncovering corridors and gangways that lead to the cavernous vaults below.
make way!; get out of the way!.
He also appeared as the kid who shouted, " Gangway !" in "The Painting."
On a customary tropical Hawaiian day, personnel mustered on the gangway and were whisked away to the Arizona Memorial.
By late 1945, when I was transferred to the North Atlantic route, the Liberator had elementary heating and two rows of seats with a central gangway , but still no steward.
Mr. Carney said that he had served on many vessels, and had visited many more, where the fuel oil shut-off valve actuators were located in public spaces such as passageways, the crew laundry, or the poop deck near the gangway .
They didn't take any of the available seats downstairs, yet they didn't obstruct the gangway by huddling in the aisle.
The action takes place on an express train and a special set giving the impression of interior coaches was erected in the gangway of the theatre, with the audience seated on either side.
Feeling none, he moved through it, and continued down the passage toward the next hatch, and the gangway next to the crew's quarters, that led to ‘B’ deck.
As the ship's company, in their summer whites, descended the gangway in single file, a roar of jubilation filled the air.
The VIPS came ashore and the gangway was removed.
It was one of those days when that line about the House of Commons being the place where your opponents sit across the gangway but your enemies sit next to you seemed particularly apt.
The ocean swell separates gangway from platform at times by several meters and we must jump when ordered.