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gangplank / трап, сходня
имя существительное
ladder, ramp, stairs, trap, gangplank
gangway, gangplank, ramp, gang board
имя существительное
a movable plank used as a ramp to board or disembark from a ship or boat.
Passengers descend a gangplank to access two rowboats, and many more appear already to have disembarked.
When you walk into city centre hidden gem the Blue Anchor, you feel as though the gangplank should be raised behind you.
They all went down to the quay to greet the boat and the first person to come down the gangplank was a Corkman.
The gangplank seemed so flimsy, and every time she boarded a ship, she was afraid that it would collapse, and she would be thrown into the water.
The anchors were dropped and the gangplank was lowered.
He peered over onto the docks, and then beckoned for his men to come up the gangplank onto the ship again.
He led his bike down the gangplank of Vaughn's ship.
Then without any further comment, he proceed up the gangplank to the ship where several other men stood around.
We saw them descending the gangplank at Kirkwall harbour and looking about them with the pleasantly vacant smiles of those who have very little idea of where they are but are determined to make the best of it.
He rushed out on deck - to find it was only his gangplank that had washed away.
Michael opened the entrance and lowered the gangplank .