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ganger / десятник, быстрая лошадь
имя существительное
foreman, headman, ganger, boss, overman, taskmaster
быстрая лошадь
имя существительное
the foreman of a gang of laborers.
The navvies were organised under gangers , men who organised the gangs of labourers.
He's been a formworker, concreter, paver, labourer, patcher and ganger , driven forklifts and all-terrain vehicles on construction sites across the northern state.
He ended up as a road ganger under a current road engineer, whom I understand has been in that position with Kildare County Council for the past 28 years.
In the later years he worked as ganger with the Mayo Co. Council, Belmullet.
In his younger years, he worked for Roscommon County Council where he held position as ganger .
Dan, as he was affectionately known, worked as a ganger for Mayo Co. Council for many years until his retirement and was very popular with his superiors and for all those who worked under him.
Martin who was in his 86th year worked as a ganger for many years with the board of works, and was greatly admired and respected by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, he was a good friend and a good neighbour.
He retired as ganger in 1982, and took up golf and bowls.
After a short period, in 1970 he was appointed a ganger in the Athy / Cherryville area, which included Kildare.
He is quite sympathetic, even though he's a press ganger when first we meet him.
He hawked his wares and George was foreman ganger at the station.