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gammon / окорок, вздор, обман
имя существительное
ham, gammon, hind quarter
nonsense, blah, rubbish, baloney, humbug, gammon
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, gammon
нести вздор
rot, gammon, yammer
засаливать окорок
коптить окорок
имя существительное
ham that has been cured or smoked like bacon.
Twelve ounce steaks are available, as are moussaka, deep fried scampi and gammon steaks, as well as a choice of reasonably-priced burgers and kebabs.
a victory in backgammon (carrying a double score) in which the winner removes all their pieces before the loser has removed any.
Earlier we mentioned briefly the possibility of gammons and backgammons, where the winner wins twice or three times the stake.
nonsense; rubbish.
'Come, that's gammon , Pink' said Christian.
defeat (a backgammon opponent) with a gammon.
I now roll a real caffeine-rush, high-velocity 5-5, closing him out, and gammoning him for the match.
hoax or deceive (someone).
Again and again, he ' gammoned ' me and nobody was then game to tell me that I was the unknowing victim of deceptions.
If there is leftover gammon ham, lamb shank, or roast meat around, he suggests you shred it finely and add at the last minute, for the best of all possible borschts.
The day's specials included a sweet and sour dish and gammon steak.
Chicken goujons, sausage rolls and turkey gammon roasts are soon to go the way of spaghetti hoops in Hampshire's school kitchens: they will be kicked off the menu.
An ‘old school’ professional butcher, Norman cures his own gammon , and makes all his own pies and sausages.
For the main course, Mike couldn't resist gammon steak, eggs and chips and he wasn't disappointed.
Half an hour later, I left laden with gammon steaks, beefburgers, bacon, a side of beef, poultry, a bag of aubergines and two dozen eggs - all from local producers.
I was seized by a ravenous appetite in the middle of my house-cleaning today and decided to satisfy it by tripping down to one of the local eateries for gammon and chips with all the trimmings.
gammon steaks
He recommends matching it with roast duck, coq-au-vin or baked gammon .
We popped into the Frogshole Farm, asked the barman for the usual, and had two fine gammon steaks bestowed upon us.