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gamma / гамма, совка-гамма
имя существительное
gamma, scale, gamut
имя существительное
the third letter of the Greek alphabet ( Γ , γ ), transliterated as ‘g.’.
In the Greek alphabet, each letter has a name that is not directly related to its sound value (alpha, beta, gamma , etc.), but this practice is not common in Roman derived alphabets.
The most widely used treatment to induce deletions is gamma irradiation.
The first magnetar candidates were a family of rare and peculiar galactic sources of gamma and X-rays called soft gamma repeaters (SGRs).
Tubing wall thickness can be determined by gamma backscatter probes.
An analysis of possible alpha, beta and gamma carbonic anhydrases in the cyanobacterial genomes shows that there is a wide diversity in carbonic anhydrase gene content.
The new finding agrees with Einstein's predicted value for gamma to an accuracy of 23 parts per million.
Even a seemingly tiny piece of radioisotope like plutonium can be emitting many millions of alpha, beta or gamma particles per week.
By measuring the relative velocity of backscattered gamma particles, they reveal the chemical environment of Fe nuclei in the rock.
Bicke's descent into madness begins when he is employed as a salesman in the office furniture business run by Jack Jones, a male so alpha that he is practically beta and gamma as well.
the alpha, beta, gamma system of share classification
It is the quick, hourlong sequence of alpha, beta and gamma emissions that can lead to the mutations in the lung tissue, which can cause cancer.