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gamesmanship / трюкачество
искусство игры
имя существительное
the art of winning games by using various ploys and tactics to gain a psychological advantage.
Ha admits to spending about 20 hours a week playing the game, improving her gamesmanship and marksmanship with each successive hour.
After the perfectly valid debate about gamesmanship from Portugal there was relief, for a while, in rediscovering that football itself can be a suitable topic of conversation.
Players know there is a line between gamesmanship and personal and aggressive insults (sledging).
His narrative gamesmanship both undermines traditional forms and affirms the importance of telling and receiving tales in our lives.
As the name suggests, the award aims to recognise the player who has brought the most energy, flamboyance or spectacular gamesmanship to the pitch.
We get this kind of whimsical sense that the criminal justice system has nothing to do with truth telling, it's all about gamesmanship and winning.
Pseudoscientific activities are really arts involving gamesmanship .
The political gamesmanship that has permeated healthcare must be replaced by common sense and what is in the best interest of all parties in healthcare, including those who provide it.
Was that an interesting bit of political gamesmanship ?
The Calgary Flames-Edmonton Oiler rivalries in the 1980s produced some classic gamesmanship .
Violence and gamesmanship are a virulent virus infecting sport.