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gamepad / геймпад
игровой планшет
имя существительное
a handheld controller for video games.
The controllers are standard USB gamepads , featuring dual analogue sticks, a standard four-button face arrangement and 4 shoulder triggers.
The game looks sharper, and the gameplay remains as hectic as ever, but you'll get the most out of it if you own a gamepad , as the keyboard controls are quite clumsy.
It's even offering a gamepad controller accessory that fits over the back of the handset and looks like an old Nintendo pad.
The combat in Dues Ex is a bit lackluster due to the cumbersome controls of using a gamepad and because it utilizes the long-outdated unreal engine.
The controls can be mapped to the mouse, a joystick or a gamepad .
Forget the keyboard; you will need a gamepad for this game.
The world of Final Fantasy VIII can be explored via a gamepad or the keyboard.
To the left of the screen you'll find a digital gamepad , while below this is an analog stick.
PC owners will want to either plug in a gamepad or a joystick, because trying to accurately fly using arrow keys will make you want to throw your monitor out of the window.
Like most rhythm games, players typically have to hit a series of notes or icons in time as they scroll across the screen with their gamepad or their peripheral.
Control is solid, but I recommend using a gamepad as the keyboard just doesn't feel right.