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gamekeeper / егерь, лесник, охотничий инспектор
имя существительное
huntsman, gamekeeper, jaeger
forester, gamekeeper, woodman, woodsman
охотничий инспектор
имя существительное
a person employed to breed and protect game, typically for a large estate.
That point is illustrated rather vividly by this comparison between the efforts of two gamekeepers on two comparable estates; one in south-east England and one in east England.
We called on the estate gamekeeper who invited us into his cottage for a cup of tea.
He was allowed in, but only as a private and served under the command of his own gamekeeper until the Home Guard was disbanded.
Down in the River Findhorn valley, below the wind farm site, the wife of the head gamekeeper on the Coignafearn estate, welcomes the campaign of resistance.
Although dressed in the buckskin of the frontiersman, he travelled in style, accompanied by a gamekeeper from his Angus estate and an Iroquois cook.
He moved to Yorkshire when his father became a gamekeeper on the Newburgh estate and they lived at Oulston.
Findhorn, the eco-spiritual community that espouses love and respect to the earth, plants and animals, has employed a gamekeeper to shoot marauding deer on its land.
They were bred for gamekeepers who would use the dog to catch poachers.
The noble profession of gamekeeping suffered a terrible blow this week when one of its seasoned practitioners was found guilty of killing birds of prey.
But he also points out that the researchers could not use the national minimum wage to calculate the effects on employment, but the juvenile minimum wage, as gamekeepers and estate workers are paid significantly less.
The best way of improving snaring and trapping practice is by working alongside professional gamekeepers and land managers.