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gambol / порезвиться, пошалить, прыгать
jump, leap, hop, skip, spring, gambol
имя существительное
jump, leap, hop, bounce, caper, gambol
bounce, jump, leap, hop, spring, gambol
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, gambol
имя существительное
an act of running or jumping about playfully.
Compared to today, Monday qualified as a carefree gambol around Disneyland.
run or jump about playfully.
the mare gamboled toward Connie
Compared to today, Monday qualified as a carefree gambol around Disneyland.
The creators wanted him to resemble an ivy-league professor out for an autumnal gambol about the campus.
The draw has brought the inevitable return of him for a last gambol around Highbury and if they emulate Liverpool in dismissing Juve in the quarters, then they may face Inter followed by Barca or AC Milan in the final.
Her engaging survey and his fittingly opulent volume, an upbeat gambol through Bollywood's history, are both the work of knowledgeable enthusiasts.
So, the wonderful free gambol in the pastures is over and The Guardian is now having to share the cowshed with everybody else; even the BBC will find itself lassoed by the government sooner or later.
Dogs of decent size need a romp - a flat-out run, a gambol in a field or forest, a chance to splash in running water.
I grabbed Christian and made him indulge in a gambol with me.
the two of them run off to the woods for a gambol together
The dog at his feet, who'd been sniffing at me suspiciously and tugging at its leash, gave a sudden gambol and licked my hand, barking enthusiastically.
One of the joys of walking in the hills this weekend will be the sight of new-born lambs gambolling in the Easter sunshine.