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gambit / гамбит, уловка, первый шаг
имя существительное
trick, ploy, ruse, stratagem, gimmick, gambit
первый шаг
opening gambit, gambit
имя существительное
(in chess) an opening in which a player makes a sacrifice, typically of a pawn, for the sake of some compensating advantage.
By the time I was an ‘A’ player, gambits including the Smith-Morra were fully appreciated.
This book is geared toward the average player, but there is no discussion of gambit tries by white.
his resignation was a tactical gambit
The Australians believe it is a psychological gambit to use and gain advantage over the opposition.
he tried the dubious Budapest gambit
his resignation was a tactical gambit
After all, he relies on a similar gambit in his story ‘Miracle in a Bottle’ to gauge the popularity of the diet drug Zantrex.
True fans of the gambit should consider this a challenge.
The point, though, is that the gambit , which is ubiquitous in the public sphere, is inherently political, engages in hidden rhetorical work.
The prosecution made a similar gambit , less before the jury - because the facts were on its side - than to the public at large.
Parody-accusation is all well and good, but the gambit is becoming so commonplace I fear for the very future of vitriolic anti-feminist commentary.