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galosh / галоша, резиновый бот
имя существительное
galosh, overshoe, gumshoe, golosh
резиновый бот
имя существительное
a waterproof overshoe, typically made of rubber.
Not your typical galoshes , the slick rubber booties have an adorable white heel and are less about puddle-splashing, more about stylish strolls in the mist.
In the title story, a man loses a galosh on a tram and scales the mountains of Soviet bureaucracy to reclaim it, but misplaces his other galosh on the way.
We could tell when spring came because then he wore sandals, instead of galoshes , on his daily walk from the small, clapboard, green-shuttered house to the Institute.
Stylish and comfortable, our galoshes are the ultimate in designer funky rubber boots for women, men and children.
Rubber boots or galoshes protect your feet but it is also important to protect your eyes and hands.
I wore a soft yellow skirt, a black lacy shirt, and a pair of light green rubber galoshes with daisies on them.
I know that's what I'd do if I had a pair of pink galoshes , but then I seem to have misplaced my responsible adult somewhere along the way so I would, wouldn't I?
The cauliflower picking occurred rain or shine - my father tells me about watching over my pregnant mom, in galoshes and a rain coat, bent over and picking cauliflower.
We wore galoshes as children and they were awful.
Lightweight rubber boots and galoshes are manufactured using a process called slush molding.
By the time we finally got to the rock, there were 22 leeches resident in my boots, but none had penetrated the galoshes .