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galore / в изобилии, обильный
имя прилагательное
в изобилии
abundant, heavy, rich, ample, copious, galore
в изобилии
in abundance, galore, aplenty, plentifully
имя существительное
abundance, plenty, galore, fertility, wealth, exuberance
имя прилагательное
in abundance.
there were prizes galore for everything
There will be attractions for young and old, raffles galore , which will include a Super Valu hamper.
There will be music galore with junior music competitions and junior and senior fiddle competitions.
Sunday afternoon was family day in Smith's field with races and stalls and competitions galore .
Food and wine galore mix with two balmy autumn days where you can sit and relax, and, listen to music.
Prizes galore will be available on the night with vouchers and gifts being raffled off during the interval.
The birds at my home are very active and I have house finches galore on my feeder.
The game degenerated into something of a muddle for a spell, with both sides missing passes and points galore .
There are prizes galore for the best dressed male and female, and best hat, plus sweeps and raffles during the day.
Set in the historic Borders, there are castles and kirks galore , and you can use it as a stopping point on the Southern Upland Way.
I'll admit to being biased, being born and bred in South East London, but there are treasures galore south of the river.