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gallows / виселица, козлы, подтяжки
имя существительное
gallows, hangman, gibbet, scaffold, tree, stifler
box, trestle, rack, gallows, jack, horse
suspenders, suspender, braces, pair of braces, brace, gallows
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, gallows
имя существительное
a structure, typically of two uprights and a crosspiece, for the hanging of criminals.
A gallows is a structure used customarily to hang criminals.
Ultimately he was tried, convicted and swung from a gallows , the last person hanged in Alberta.
When the hangings became private a portable gallows was used in the North West laneway from 1861 until 1883.
The young man once saved an Aboriginal fairground attendant from the gallows .
Thus, they could avoid fines, whippings, imprisonment, or worse, the gallows !
Clearly there was a permanent gallows in St. Andrew.
A gallows is a structure used customarily to hang criminals.
He was never likely to denounce the Downing Street snake-pit and order its inmates to the gallows .
The Tyburn, on the Tadcaster Road side of Knavesmire, was where York's gallows were situated from 1379 until 1812.
This togetherness is useful, as the prison is considering building a nine-passenger gallows .
How about Deacon Brodie's, a pub that honours a man who was hanged on a gallows of his own design?