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gallivant / флиртовать, бродить, шляться
flirt, gallivant, philander, carry on, dally, toy
wander, roam, ferment, prowl, ramble, gallivant
hang around, gad about, gallivant, hang about
go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.
she quit her job to go gallivanting around the globe
Jaded juniors signed in, dumped their belongings in dormitory common rooms, and gallivanted out to Prospect Avenue.
In fact, the audience is very much like one of her suitors, left to comfort each other drunkenly while she gallivants with someone new.
While in India she left her husband, abandoned her 10-year-old son and gallivanted around Madras with a young unmarried escort.
John now works for the Press Association and gallivants all over the world in search of great pictures.
Most eccentric of the children is Carolyn, now 54, who gallivants about in a flat black Gaucho hat, paints and teaches art classes.
Right now, there is a long pathetic line of investors waiting for government approval, while the Cabinet gallivants around the world.
The tale gallivants from London to Boston to Cairo, stopping in at circuses, speakeasies, ocean liners, and the well-appointed apartments of an invert.
Still, there are the perks - travel benefits and the simple thrill of living a life that involves gallivanting across the globe.
After gallivanting round the globe, seeking pleasures afar, indulging in greed and commercialism, the scandal and the posturing were all supposed to be left behind as we were reintroduced to more homely joys.
I don't mean to sound so chaste, but somebody must stop this girl before she gallivants down the street in the full nude.