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gale / шторм, буря, штормовой ветер
имя существительное
storm, gale, weather
storm, tempest, gale, windstorm, hurricane, snorter
штормовой ветер
имя существительное
a very strong wind.
it was almost blowing a gale
a burst of sound, especially of laughter.
she collapsed into gales of laughter
In November 2000 they set off for a five-day training run and found themselves crewing the boat into the teeth of a force eight south-westerly gale .
Six were washed ashore in a gale and pieces are still visible on very low spring tides.
Trying to measure insulin in a small yacht in a gale shows just how diabetes brings its excitements and inconveniences.
When there is a strong wind outside, a gale blows indoors.
One night in May, soon after the Adventure arrived back at Ngamotu, an anchor rope broke during a terrible gale and the ship washed up on the beach.
She rocked from side to side, like a ship in a gale .
it was almost blowing a gale
More significantly, I ceased to notice the rain, the sleet and the force-10 gale .
At last he came near enough to where he was directly above it, and fighting against a hurricane-like gale to land.
The service ended in 1903 when the Bowmore was torn from her moorings at Rosses Point during a gale , driven ashore on Oyster Island and wrecked.